Important Concepts to Know

You should have the following concepts organized with definitions and examples.

Chapter 1 Rules for Rounding
Trig Identities
Transformations (Parent Functions)
Odd/Even Functions ... graphically & algebraically
Inverse Functions ... graphically & algebraically
Chapter 2 How to Evaluate a Limit ... 5 ways
Properties of Limits
Definition of a Limit at x = c
When Limits Fail ... 3 ways
Limits You Should Know
Definition of a Horizontal Asymptote
Definition of a Vertical Asymptote
End Behavior
End Behavior Models
Slant "Oblique" Asymptotes
Definition of Continuity at x = c
Types of Discontinuities
Intermediate Value Theorem
Definition of Average Rate of Change
Definition of Instantaneous Rate of Change
Chapter 3 Definition of a Derivative ... 3 ways
Definition of the existence of a derivative at x = c and at an endpoint.
Where does a derivative NOT exist
Slope Fields
Power Rule
Product Rule
Quotient Rule
Chain Rule
Derivatives of 6 Trig Functions
Relationships between Position, Velocity, and Acceleration
Velocity vs. Speed
Derivatives of Inverse Trig Functions
Derivatives of Exponential Functions
Derivatives of Logarithmic Functions
Logarithmic Differentiation
Chapter 4 Where to find Extrema
Mean Value Theorem
Relationship of f ' to Increasing/Decreasing
1st Derivative Test for Extrema
Relationship of f '' to Concavity
2nd Derivative Test for Extrema
Relationship of f '' to Inflection Points
Absolute vs Relative vs Percentage Change
Chapter 5 LRAM
Trapezoidal Rule
Riemann Sum
Definition of Definite Integral
Properties of Definite Integral
Average Value of f(x)
Relationship between Average Value of f(x) and Average Rate of Change
Fundamental Theorem of Calculus Part 1 (Extended)
Fundamental Theorem of Calculus Part 2 (Evaluation)
Chapter 6 Slope Fields (Revisited)
Indefinite Integrals
U - Substitution
Integration by Parts (LIPET)
Special Cases of LIPET
Derivation of an exponential function
Separate and Integrate
Integral of TRIG functions
Integral of (TRIG)^2 functions
Chapter 7 Total Distance implies
Displacement implies
Area between curves ... dx ... dy
Volume of a Solid with known Perpendicular Cross Sections
Disc Method
Washer Method
Shell Method
Chapter 8 L'Hopitals Rule
Rate of Growth
Improper Integral